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Mary Jane Constant
Managing Director, Chief Remediation Officer
Syncora Holdings Ltd.

Mary Jane Constant is the Company's Chief Remediation Officer and has been the principal remediator and work-out specialist at Syncora since 2005. Her responsibilities include leading remediation teams to develop and execute strategies to maximize the value of assets received in restructurings and to avoid losses on the Company’s watch-list and troubled credits. In addition, she has been an integral participant in the Company’s previous and ongoing restructurings. Ms. Constant is a member of the Board of Directors of Pike Pointe Holdings, the parent company of the American Roads operating subsidiaries. 


Ms. Constant joined Syncora in 2002 as Associate General Counsel, and has participated in numerous project, municipal and structured finance transactions and general corporate matters. Prior to joining Syncora, she was an associate at Dewey Ballantine, where her work included restructurings, private equity, secured lending, debt finance, and other complex financial transactions, primarily in consumer finance and energy. 

Ms. Constant holds a BA from Grinnell College, a JD from New York University, and an MBA from Columbia University. She also served two years in the U.S. Peace Corps in the Philippines.

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