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Drew D. Hoffman
Senior Vice President
Syncora Guarantee Inc.

Drew Hoffman leads Syncora Guarantee Inc.’s (SGI) Surveillance and Research group where he oversees an expert team of credit professionals who monitor the performance of Syncora’s portfolio of insured credits and work with Syncora’s Risk Group to implement remediation procedures to mitigate risk. He is also a member of Syncora’s executive management committee.


Mr. Hoffman joined SGI in 2002 as the primary credit officer supporting the structured single risk group, including the public finance, global infrastructure, power and utilities, whole business securitization and energy-related future flow businesses.


Previously, Mr. Hoffman was a Managing Director and Head of Banking Relations at MBIA Insurance Corporation, where he worked from 1993 to 2002. He also served as a Managing Director and Head of the Insured Portfolio Management (Municipals and IOUs) business, and managed and oversaw a diverse portfolio consisting of more than 8,000 credits totaling $265 billion in par value. Earlier in his career, Mr. Hoffman served as an Assistant Vice President in the Project Finance group at Sumitomo Bank and in Public Finance at Smith Barney specializing in cogeneration and solid waste financings.


Mr. Hoffman holds a BS in Geology from Tufts University, a MS in Geology from Yale University and an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Columbia University.

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